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Over a decade ago, Eva-Last® was founded by a passionate and driven team that recognised the need for environmentally conscientious, practical and durable construction solutions. Years of research and continual product refinement have resulted in Eva-Last® gaining recognition as a leader of the composite construction industry, both locally and abroad.

Eva-Last® is founded on the principles of providing the best possible products and services for our customers. We take pride in developing advanced solutions that are long-lasting, yet easy to use. We work to establish lasting relationships, both with our environment and with our community.

We are in the unique position of being involved in all stages of the composite industry, from production to installation. As a result, Eva-Last® has a distinctive blend of practical and technical knowledge that we use to assist owners, developers, architects and building professionals alike in achieving their design objectives.


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Expertise Based on Global Experience

Eva-Last® is a globally recognised and trusted brand that manufactures and distributes specialised bamboo-plastic composite products. We also offer specialised support systems, as well as expert advice, ensuring each and every build is designed to last.

Eva-Last® composite profiles and complementary systems can be found in over 35 countries globally and have been an imperative part of some of the world’s largest building projects and withstood the test of Mother Nature’s harshest climates.

South Africa

Staying dry is essential in South Africa, especially when it rains nearly a third of the year. Known for its sweltering, double-digit UV index and sweeping monsoon seasons, even the volatile Sub-Saharan climate doesn’t stand a chance against the Eva-Last® Infinity™ Decking co-extruded composite materials.

Climate Stats

Temperature: 6° / 26°
Rain: 19″ annually
Sunlight: 8hr, 11min per day
Humidity: 76%
Highest Elevation: 5,217 ft.

United States - Texas

Texas is famous for it’s humid searing summer heat, and Dallas is no exception. With temperatures often over 35° in the summer, strong yet barefoot friendly decking is necessary. Dallas also has chilly winters with wide temperature variations. Snowfall is normally seen 3 days per year. “The Big D” averages 41 inches of rain a year. Eva-Last® Decking is perfect for stargazing when the stars at night are big and bright.

Climate Stats

Temperature: 14° / 35°
Rain: 81 days per year
Humidity: 65%
Highest Elevation: 430 ft.


Due to its altitude and close proximity to the sea, Madrid, Spain experiences a fairly moderate climate throughout the year. Although the city does experience the majority of its precipitation in the spring and fall months, the Spanish capitol is the driest in Europe. Eva-Last® Decking is famous for handling harsh climates, so the temperate coastal weather of Madrid is quite literally, a breeze.

Climate Stats

Temperature: 2° / 38°
Rain: 59 days per year
Sunlight: Max 15 hrs – Avg, 7.58 hrs per day
Highest Elevation: 2,188 ft.

France - Nantes

Also known as the Green Capital of Europe, Nantes is a bustling city in Western France. The city’s lush parks and abundant greenery are the result of a fairly warm but often rainy climate. It rains, on average, over 100 days out of the year in Nantes, but the Eva-Last® Infinity® Decking composite materials don’t expand or contract , so your deck will maintain its original integrity for the life of the product.

Climate Stats

Temperature: -15° / 40°
Rain: 32″ annually
Humidity: 81%
Highest Elevation: 195 ft.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom experiences the full range of seasons throughout the year. Ranging from cold winters with lows of -6° and snow in the north of Scotland. To highs of over 32° in London in the summer. It rains, on average, over 140 days out of the year in the UK, but the Eva-Last® Decking composite materials don’t expand or contract , so your deck will maintain its original integrity for the life of the product.

Climate Stats

Temperature: -6° / 32°
Rain: 19″ annually
Sunlight: 8hr, 11min per day
Humidity: 76%
Highest Elevation: 5,217 ft.

Germany - Hanover

The German city of Hanover experiences a somewhat mild climate based on its geographic location, highlighted by frequent precipitation and fairly significant temperature changes from season to season. With nearly two inches of rain every month, this is an environment where moisture-resistant composite deck surfaces by Eva-Last® are necessary.

Climate Stats

Temperature: -20° / 38°
Rain: 26″ annually
Humidity: 80%
Highest Elevation: 195 ft.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a subtropical maritime monsoon-influenced climate, making Hong Kong mild and pleasant for most of the year. Summer is dominated by hot and humid conditions driven by the monsoons and winter is typically dry and mild. It is generally considered best to visit Hong Kong from October to December as the months of autumn are mostly cool and sunny.

Climate Stats

Temperature: 15° / 37°
Rain: 94″ annually
Humidity: 78%


China is one of the largest countries in the world and because of this the climate can vary greatly from region to region, from scorching hot deserts to freezing cold plateaus. It is generally considered best to visit the central regions of China in spring or autumn due to the extremes of the summers and winters. However due to the maritime monsoon conditions of the east and southeast coast, these regions are usually mild and humid all year round.

Climate Stats

Temperature: 4° / 25°
Rain: 22″ annually
Humidity: 56%



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