The first step in planning your deck is to choose what material is best for you project. This ultimately comes down to a choice between traditional wood and composite decking. Wood decking may look great once installed but comes with many unfortunate draw backs and requires costly annual maintenance.

Here is a look at wood decking and composite decking price over time.

Benefits of Infinity® over wood

Here is a look at wood decking and composite decking price over time.

Beautiful natural look and feel

A new wood deck has a beautiful natural look and feel but needs annual attention to maintain this.

Annual maintenance required

Wood requires treatments with harmful sealants for protection against the elements.

Insect and pest problems

Natural timber decks attract termites and other insects that often ruin a great deck.

Not weather, UV or moisture resistant

Wood decking is subject to weathering and without constant attention will crack, split, warp and fade.

Harmful to the environment

Wood decking is detrimental to the environment through the cutting down of trees and use of harmful sealants.

Beautiful natural look and feel

Composite tries to mimic the look of natural wood, newer composites can even achieve colour variation.

Low maintenance

Composite is low maintenance and required only the occasional cleaning.

Insect resistant

All Composites are termite, insect and pest resistant.

Weather, UV & moisture resistant

Not all composites are equally durable, but in general composites are weather resistant.

Environmentally friendly

Most composites are very environmentally friendly, using waste plastic and reclaimed wood in production.



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